Why Attend OnSite...

On-Site, at-scene, and any type of point-of-care analysis or monitoring, requires a multi-disciplinary approach to the wide array of application area challenges. If you are interested in:

determining the status of state-of-the-art analytical response capabilities, having discussions with other researchers in these significant program areas, simply wanting to establish collaborations and contacts in these active areas of research,

...then this conference will be for you!

On-Site, where the lab goes to the field, is one of the most exciting and important analytical venues that addresses:

hazardous threats requiring immediate attention, time-critical chemical and biological situations, miniaturization and development of accurate and reliable instrumentation, and design strategies for effective use of analytical resources.

Knowledge of the continued evolution of fieldable instrumentation, techniques, and standards for field analysis is of paramount importance for out-of-laboratory practitioners.

At OnSite you will have the opportunity to meet with colleagues working in these highly visible research areas, program managers directing R&D in both government and commercial sectors, instrument manufacturers, and other decision makers that all play a vital role in advancing the field. Please join us and make a contribution!

Rabih E. Jabbour, Ph.D.
OnSite-2014 Chairman

Here's what you've missed...

This past year, OnSite-2013 covered several important topics including Field Forensics, BioSensors & Bio-Detection, In Vitro Technologies/Pharmacology & Toxicology, Chemical and Biological Agent Detection, Sampling/Detection CBRNE; plus new sessions on Responders, Food Safety and In-Situ Monitoring for Water Quality/Field Analysis, and several Instrumentation/Vendor Demos.

The event kicked off with a plenary keynote on the Opportunities & Challenges from Harry Salem, Ph.D., US Army, APG, MD and " A Scorecard for Preparedness: An Update from Chem-Biodefense S&T" by Dr. Alan S. Rudolph, Director Joint Science & Technology Office (JSTO).

Hosting our largest Poster Session yet, this segment continues to give academia (professors and students), government, and industry an opportunity to present and discuss research, case studies and new techniques. The University of Maryland-Baltimore County, Rutgers University, and Towson University were very active in the OnSite-2013 event. A tutorial "Introduction to Chemometrics-Tools & Techniques" from Bill Welsh, U.M.D.N.J. also received very positive feedback.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Environmental Protection Agency, FBI, NIST, and U.S. Army Research Laboratory; Industry Representatives such as Abbott Molecular, Life Technologies, Smiths Detection and QuickSilver Analytics Inc; plus international representation including the National Technical University of Athens, School of Chemical Engineering, Field Analytical Chemistry and Technology Unit in Athens, Greece and Veredus Laboratories, Singapore are all just some of the leading experts that have been involved in making the OnSite Conference a unique and respected event.

How far we've come...

The OnSite Analysis conference provides the latest developments in Field Analytical Chemistry including emerging techniques, new applications, instrumentation, software, standards, and a look into the future.

The first OnSite meeting was held in 1993 in conjunction with the IFPAC Annual Conference & Exhibition. In its earlier years, the OnSite Analysis Conference focused primarily on environmental remediation and EPA standards with topics such as environmental trace analysis, soil contamination, immunoassays, sampling procedures, worker safety and future trends. OnSite attracted participants in the U.S. and internationally, as well as attracted larger industry representatives such as Lockheed Martin and government representation such as the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency.

Key Scientists from across the globe have always been with us... and OnSite continues to grow attracting leading experts in the field from government, academia and industry.

OnSite Analysis has continued to bring in relevant keynote speakers covering the latest current events. In past years we've also had exciting keynotes from CPT Bryon Marsh, MPH, 4th Civil Support Team (Weapons of Mass Destruction), Dobbins ARB, GA, Mission Capability for Responding to Suspicious Substances: Sampling Demonstration; Gene Peters, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Laboratory Division, Counterterrorism and Forensic Science Research Unit (CFSRU), Quantico, VA with an Overview of the Challenges for Forensic Research at the FBI; Dr. Ed Overton, Professor Emeritus, Louisiana State University covering the impacts of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill: The Chemistry, the Analyses and the Environmental Impact, and more...

The FBI Laboratory Division, Counterterrorism and Forensic Science Research Unit has also brought in its Evidence Response Team Unit and specially trained canines for a demo on Locating Human Blood Traces.

Some of the past Chairs include: Henk Muezelaar, University of Utah (formerly); Ed Overton, LSU; Monica Heyl, MH&A, Joppa, MD; Milt Statheropoulos, Ph.D., Natl. Technical University of Athens, Greece; A. Peter Snyder, Ph.D., U.S. Army, APG, MD; Sanjiv R. Shah, Ph.D., National Homeland Security Research, Center of the EPA, Washington, DC; Brian A. Eckenrode, Ph.D., FBI Laboratory, Counterterrorism and Forensic Science Research Unit, Quantico, VA; Jayne Morrow, Ph.D., NIST, Gaithersburg, MD; and Harry Salem, Harry Salem, Ph.D., U.S. Army, APG, MD.

The Environmental Remediation theme remains a part of OnSite, but OnSite has grown to also include Homeland Security, CWD, Chemical & Biological Agent Detection, and Forensics. OnSite continues to be held in conjunction with the IFPAC International Forum & Exhibition on Process Analytical Chemistry...www.ifpacpat.org.

Where we are headed...

OnSite-2014 will focus on important topics such as field forensics & trace VOCs; chemical & biological agent detection; biosensors & bio-detection; pharmacology & toxicology; sampling/detection CBRNE; food safety; and emerging trends. OnSite will also bridge with the IFPAC Conference & Food Safety Symposium providing a truly exceptional opportunity to bring together different fields discussing common problems & solutions in process analytics and process understanding & control; as well as the latest technologies and applications in Handheld/Portable Applications, Mass Spec, LIF and Raman.

Plus more posters, demos, tutorials, three day exhibition, and numerous networking opportunities to keep things interesting and interactive...

Student participation and a student session(s) are also very important to the OnSite Board. Students are the future and OnSite continues to look for opportunities to get students more involved, present their research, meet professionals in the field, and better prepare themselves to enter the workforce.

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