OnSite® - 2015
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23rd International Conference
Jan. 26-28, 2015
Arlington, VA, (Washington, DC) USA


OnSite ®-2015   will be held in Arlington,Virginia (Washington D.C.) at the Crystal Gateway Marriott, 1700 Jefferson Davis Highway, Arlington, VA 22202, USA.

The Crystal Gateway Marriott is within minutes from Washington, D.C. Overlooking the nation's capital from the Virginia side of the Potomac River, the Crystal Marriott offers a portal of prestige including The Crystal City Shops, Georgetown Shops, a multitude of Restaurants/fine dining, and hours of world-class shopping. It has everything necessary for productivity and success, recreation and attentive service. One can experience the power and prestige of the nation's capital from a crystal-clear vantage point - the Crystal Gateway Marriott. To balance business with pleasure, the Marriott offers a variety of amenities...sparkling swimming pools, fitness center, and nearby golf. Shuttle service will be available to Crystal Gateway Marriott from Ronald Reagan Airport, as well as Baltimore Washington International, and Dulles International Airports. The OnSite Analysis Conference is being held concurrently with the 29th IFPAC® Conference...Process Analytical technology.


Commercial shuttle services are available to Crystal Gateway Marriott Hotel from Ronald Reagan Airport (closest airport) Baltimore Washington International (BWI) Airport, as well as Dulles International Airport.